About ValueGreens

Our Story

ValueGreens SG journey comes with over 30 years of experience in the fresh produce industry. Previously known by our valued customers as JiaJia Value Mart, it is loved by many for the freshness and quality produce. Groceries are carefully handpicked in the wee hours of the morning to ensure the freshest produce are in store by first light.

A change was needed to meet the demand and change in our customers behaviour. With the use of technology, customers started shopping for groceries via their laptops and smart phones. ValueGreens is proud to present its online fresh produce shopping capabilities and also its two brick & mortar stores in Singapore. Online fresh produce is indeed true when it comes to ValueGreens SG.

A Day With Value Greens

Mr. Tan Yong Mong
Mr. Levi Tan

The Founders

The Tan Father & Son duo understand the importance of getting the freshest of produce straight to their customers. Their mornings starts at 1am, handpicking their produce for the day & getting their store ready at 5am for their valued customers. The team is now even thrilled to serve a wide audience through their online fresh grocery service.