HAPPY Family Bundle (3-4pax)


2 x Chinese Spinach (~250g) 菠菜

2 x Sio Bok Choy (~250g) 小白

2 x Red Spinach (~300g) 红苋菜

2 x Broccoli (~400g) 西兰花

2 x Shitake Mushroom (~160g) 花菇

2 x Egg Tofu (1 Pkt) 蛋豆腐 

2 x Red Brinjal (~250g) 红茄

2 x Sweet Corn (1 Pkt) 玉米

2 x Unicurd Tofu pkt 嫩豆腐

1 x Carrot (3 Pc) 红萝卜

1 x Eggs (10) 新鲜鸡蛋

1 x Tomato (~500g) 番茄 

1 x (Green + Red + Yellow) Bell Peppers  红,青,黄 大椒 

1 x Australia Pumpkin (~500g) 澳洲南瓜

1 x Potato (~1kg) 马铃薯


This bundle serves a family of 4 pax for seven to eight veggie dishes.

The bundle includes a good range of leafy greens with pumpkins, corn, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes etc. as fiber and protein compliments.

With the corn and pumpkin items, this bundle is also suitable for soup dishes for the family.

Garnishing and spices are not included to offer taste customizability for our customers!

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