Norway Cod fish Fillet (230g-250g)



Steam fish

  • On a steaming dish, line sliced ginger on the dish.
  • Place cod fish on the ginger.
  • Steam fish in steamer for 7 minutes

Make sauce

  • In a sauce pan, add soy sauce, rock sugar, water and cooking wine.  Heat mixture until sugar melts.


Fry garlic

  • Heat a fry pan with 4 tbsp oil.  Fry chopped garlic until golden brown.  Remove and set aside.


Garnish and Serve!

  • When fish is cooked, remove from steamer and pour away the liquid that condensed on the dish. Add pepper and pour the sauce over the fish. Drizzle some garlic oil over fish and garnish with fried garlic and sliced spring onion. Serve hot

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