Vegetable Stock Bundle


1 x Indonesia Cabbage (~1kg) 包菜

1 x Garlic (~300g) 蒜米

1 x Young Ginger (~200g) 幼姜

1 x Red Onion (~400g) 红葱

1 x North Scallion (1 Bdl) 北葱

1 x White Radish (~1kg) 白菜头

1 x Tomato

1 x Sweet Corn (1 Pkt) 玉米

1 x Carrot (3 Pc) 红萝卜

2 x Shiitake Mushrooms

Ultimate Vegetable stock bundle – This bundle provides you with the essential vegetables for creating a soup base or stock for everyday use. This list of ingredients are packed full of nutrients we need. We have uploaded a sample recipe that can be found on our social media posts!

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